God Our Comforter

This past week, a very dear friend of mine lost her mother to cancer.  It was a battle that Betty fought to the end.  She kept going until she just didn’t have the strength to continue.

The day that Betty went home to be with Jesus, Tina called me to let me know that the time was coming very soon.  I dropped what I was doing, left my children in safe care and went to be with Tina.  Betty’s breathing had slowed down and her body was slowly shutting down.  Family members surrounded this precious woman who was only 63 years old.  Tears were all around me.

It is hard to be in that place as the quiet observer.  Being there to comfort my dear friend and finding the right words to say were very difficult.  Part of me wanted to rejoice for Betty for she was going home to be with Jesus.  She would get to wake up and be in the presence of our Saviour and be cancer free!  The other part of me carried the pain of my hurting friend who couldn’t understand why her mom had to leave her.

On my way home from an outing today, I heard this song that made me think of Tina:


“Don’t Worry Now”

Seven years old, you heard me cry
I don’t wanna say goodbye
To the only man that I love
My daddy and everything he was
I don’t think I can live without you
Dad, I know your breaking in two
With tears running down his face, he says we’re gonna make it
We’re gonna make it

When you feel like you are all alone
Just like your best friend up and gone
Don’t worry now
Don’t worry now
I’ve been there yeah, I know how it feels
To wonder if love is even real
Don’t worry now
Don’t worry now
It’s gonna be ok

I’ve been trying to find a way to understand
When I can’t see the picture of God’s plan
Why would He let us hurt so bad?
Could anything good come of these feelings that I have?
He loved me more than the sand on beaches
He loved me more than the grass is green
And even though he had to go I always knew his love was part of me

When you feel like you are all alone
Just like your best friend up and gone
Don’t worry now
Don’t worry now
I’ve been there yeah, I know how it feels
To wonder if love is even real
Don’t worry now
Don’t worry now

It’s taken so long to let this go
It’s taken so long to feel that
Your right here next to me
And I can finally breathe
It’s taken so long but now I know
I had to find out on my own
When nothing could convince me
Your love it convinced me
That it’s gonna be ok

When you feel like you are all alone
Just like your best friend up and gone
Don’t worry now
Don’t worry now
I’ve been there yeah, I know how it feels
To wonder if love is even real
Don’t worry now
Don’t worry now
It’s gonna be
It’s gonna be ok

I hadn’t heard this song before on our local radio station.  But as I listened to words, it made me realize the pain that Tina was feeling.  I’m not sure if Tina has had a chance to really go through all of her emotions with the loss of her mom.  She has had to be such a strong rock for the family.  A lot was on her shoulders and continues to be as she settles the family affairs.

I haven’t lost a parent.  But I have lost a grandfather whom I was very close to.  Like Betty, he fought the battle against cancer.  It was a long, hard fight.  When he finally went home to be Jesus, in my heart I rejoiced because he fought for so long.  But I also mourned deeply, for he was my first best friend! As I sit and think about him now, tears still swell up in my eyes.  I will always hold him in my heart and he will always be a part of who I am today.

It is so important for us to live each day for Christ, for we never know when it is time for us to go home.  I think when we can have that attitude, we don’t need to worry now.  For if we have accepted Christ into our hearts, like Betty and my grandfather did, we have nothing to worry about and neither will the loved ones that were left behind.

Sometimes it is hard to find the strength that we need to carry us through these times.  I was there with my precious friend, but I had to step back for a while to allow her to see that God wanted to carry her through this time as well.  There is only so much us “earthlings” can do.  But it is the power of the Holy Spirit that will help comfort those who are left behind.  It is our Daddy who wants to see us through.  He wants us to breathe Him in so that He may comfort our hearts and our souls.

2 Corinthians 1:3-5 (New International Version)

The God of All Comfort
3Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, 4who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. 5For just as the sufferings of Christ flow over into our lives, so also through Christ our comfort overflows.

Isn’t God’s word amazing?  God will comfort us during our troubles so that we in turn may know how to comfort others.  And it is through Christ that our comfort overflows!!  I love how God moves through us, allowing each of us to act as His vessel.  But through it all, it is God who brings the comfort, not the individual.

Tina doesn’t need to feel that she is standing on her own.  God is right there with her.  He is holding her in His mighty arms.  Just as God is with all those who are struggling from loss of a loved one or any other challenge we may face.  The God of Comfort is right there with you!  Just call on Him!

Lord I ask that You would be with my dear friend as she is struggling with the loss of her mother.  I ask that You would comfort her in the way that no other could comfort her.  You tell us in Your Word that there is a time for everything, including a time to mourn.  Comfort my precious friend as she takes this time to mourn.  Help to heal her broken heart as she finds peace in You.  Be with all those who are suffering and a crying out for comfort.  Allow them to receive Your comfort and to know that You are with them.  Whisper quietly into their hearts that it is going to be ok, don’t worry now for Daddy is with you!  I love You, precious Jesus!  Amen


  1. Ruben Sierra says:

    Because I needed comfort and strength concerning our family income I have been reading how not to worry, so when I started reading this morning I said out loud I GET COMFORT when I read the word, it was then I felt the meaning of I will send you the comforter!

  2. Thank you for sharing! God longs to be our comforter, we just have to invite Him in!

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